money from adsens

Adsense is just one product for making money. Many people not only use Adsense on their blogs, but do consulting, write ebooks and use affiliate networks. Also, many people comment all over the internet to get views on their blog. Learning about SEO and trends and finding niches are yet other ways in which one must spend time. There is so much to learn about making money online. Hey Sri, Yes, you’re right, ads still pay you – they just don’t pay you very much and so the argument isn’t that they don’t pay, it’s simply that they aren’t worth all of the bad things they bring. And certainly I agree that readers are smart and I’m not disputing that. That’s why ads break their trust – they can detect “sales” from a mile away. They’re smart people! But the beauty of blogging is that it’s your blog, so if you want to host ads, then that is the choice of the blogger. Thanks so much for your comment! By allowing advertisements on your blogs, you create a static revenue stream. It’s basical